Adult Race League Online Registration


Granite Gorge Adult Race League will be held on Thursday Nights starting January 5 through February 16, 2017. The finals will be February 23, 2017. Start time for the races will be 7 PM. The registration fee for all teams is $500. Please abide by the following rules;

1. No substitutions or make-ups
2. Racers must wear their racer tags. This also acts as the racer’s lift ticket.
3. Teams will consist of 5 to 7 members. Teams may consist of as many male or female participants as desired.
4. Racers must be 21 years of age or older.
5. No Racer may ski the course prior to that night’s race.
6. NASTAR Race Form (go to to fill out Nastar form) and Granite Gorge Race form must be filled out completely before racing.
7. When filling out NASTAR Race Form, please check the Race Category in which you will be competing for the entire season (Skier-Snowboarder-Telemark). Race Category adjustments will be prohibited.
8. Any racer entering the timing building will forfeit their score for that night’s race.
9. Handicaps are based on a NASTAR format.
10. Individual preliminary race results will be calculated at the end of the race. Preliminary team scores will be posted that evening. No racer may enter the Ski School Office while race results are being calculated.
11. All protests, challenges, and any change requests must be filed in writing and/or emailed, to the Race Department by 12:00pm of the day following the race, when the results will be deemed final.